Fleet Safety and Training at Forest City Staffing

Fleet Safety and Training


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Module Based Training


Pre-Trip Inspections – Classroom (1hr)

Pre-Trip Inspections – Hands-on Demo (30 min)

Winter Driving (1hr)

Driver Fatigue (1hr)

Load Security – van (1hr)

Load Security – Flatbed (1hr)

Safe Backing (1hr)

Yard and Dock – Safety Procedures (1hr)

Fuel Efficiency and Progressive Shifting (1hr)

Space Management (1hr)

Operation Life Saver – RR crossing Safety (1hr)

Certificate Training


Canadian Hours of Service

Confined Spaces Training

Fork Lift

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

US Hours of Service

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

LCV Driver Training – with approved LCV Instructor on staff

Road testing and In-Cab Evaluations